Leater is a PID Controller for LPC810 series Microcontrollers - it should be easily portable to other CORTEX embedded CPUs.  It takes about 15K of flash at 1K of RAM...although it could probably be squeezed up a bit in both.

The thing originated from a bit of a combination effect when my neighbour wanted a heater to keep his astronomy laser warm (hence the name Laser hEATER, or LEATER) and I needed an oven controller to reflow PCBs for my CNC milling machine project.

At the moment I've only provided information on the software. I'll add some info about the hardware side once the new version of the PCBs are back and qualified.

Everything here is open source ... see the licence info in the project directories.

Feel free to leave Feedback...

You can find the current Leater code at https://github.com/mubes/leater.  I would love others to extend and enhance it ....the PID algorythm, in particular, could do with someone who knows what they are doing to lay their hands on it.

In its default configuration leater controls toaster-style ovens for reflow soldering (as shown alongside - the control box is the small one attached to the oven, the larger box is the solid state relay), but it can be used for anything from beer brewing to keeping your tropical fish warm .... but don't blame me if you end up with vinegar or bouillabaisse...

Getting Started

1) Clone leater into a directory of your chosing. On Linux the command would be;

git clone https://github.com/mubes/leater.git 

I don't do Windows, so you're on your own there, sorry.

2) Open LPCXpresso and select somewhere to put your workspace - it doesn't matter where.

3) Goto File->Import ->General->Existing Projects into Workspace.

4) Select the leater directory in the git import directory.

.....Magic happens 

5) Select the 'src' directory (this just makes LPCXpresso realise it's got a project open).

6) Hit compile

7) The resulting 'leater.hex' file in the 'Debug' directory can be programmed using FlashMagic if you must do Windows, something like LPC21Isp if you value your sanity....or even the built in debugger in LPCExpresso.

8) by default, and without a thermocouple, the LED will fast-flash. There is a 115K serial terminal available and 'help' is the best way to get started....

For the next step, read about the Leater User Interface or take a look at the software structure.