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User Interface

Leater is driven from the serial command line. By default it is configured for a serial port at 115200,n,8,1 .

The default command line is updated once a second and looks like this;

Static(S:13.0°C A:24.0°C H:0%)>

This shows you're running a Static temperature, the S:etpoint is 13.0°C and the A:ctual temperature is 24.0°C. You can enter commands at the prompt and there are a few control characters; CTRL-L clears the screen, CTRL-C aborts the current line and TAB completes the current command if there is one.

If the temperature sensor is not working properly, or simply isn't present, the prompt will be;

Static(Sensor Fault)>

To see the commands that are available, type help.

Static(S:13.0°C A:24.0°C H:0%)>help
Commit         Dumplog        Dumpparam      Flushlogs      Help           Info           Loginfo        Loop           Newlog         Output         PIDMonitor     Profilemonitor Run            Setparam       Setpoint       Stop           Uptime
Static(S:13.0°C A:24.0°C H:0%)>

Commands are case insensitive.

Command List

Write configuration to non-volatile store. Outputs the configuration as stored.

Dumplog <Num>
Output the numbered log to the serial port.

Output current parameters to the serial port.  The full set of parameters looks like;

[Version] Config Version        : 0x14011501

[logOutputCSV] Output CSV       : TRUE
[setPoint] Target Temp          : 13.0°C
[PID] Parameters                : Cp=10 Ci=400 Cd=30000
[K] LowPass                     : 3
[recordInterval] Report interval: 20 S
[defaultProfile] Autorun        : STATIC
Committed to NV
1: Oven Reflow - Leaded;
   1 REACHTEMP 150°C in 70 seconds
   2 REACHTIME 175°C in 130 seconds
   3 REACHTEMP 220°C in 40 seconds
   4 REACHTIME 220°C in 5 seconds
   5 REACHTIME 50°C in 100 seconds
2: Oven Reflow - Unleaded;
   1 REACHTEMP 150°C in 70 seconds
   2 REACHTIME 175°C in 130 seconds
   3 REACHTEMP 245°C in 40 seconds
   4 REACHTIME 245°C in 5 seconds
   5 REACHTIME 50°C in 100 seconds
3: Component Bake;
   1 REACHTEMP 125°C in 2000 seconds
   2 REACHTIME 125°C in 86400 seconds

Parameters can be changed using the setparam command, and the parameter name given in [square brackets]. Note the Profiles at the end of the parameter set. These are pre-configured profiles for different applications which can be executed via the Run command. If the Autorun parameter is set to a profile number then that profile will be executed on power up, otherwise the system will attempt to attain the static temperature (STATIC) or will simply not do anything (IDLE).

Clear out the logging memory and restart the logs at log 1.

Print shortform help.

Provide basic information about the configuration of the system, for example;

Active log 9                                                        
Version V13.4                                                          
Variant 00008122                                              
Brownouts 0                                                           

Which shows we're currently recording log number 9, the chip version is 13.4, variant 0x8122. There have been no brownouts while the system has been running and the system is configured for a Thermocouple.

Provide information about the logs currently recorded.

Loop <Open|Closed>
Move between open loop (direct control using the Output command) and closed loop (PID) control. This is used for characterising the system to allow PID tuning - pehaps using the excellent information from Control Guru.

Open a new log instance.

Output <Level>
Set output level when in open loop mode 0-1000 where 0=off.

Output PID information in CSV compatible format to allow tuning. Each second, assuming no sensor fault, the system will output a line like;


Where the fields are <TimeInSeconds>,<CommandedTemp>,<ActualTemp>,<P>,<I>,<D>,<Output>

Monitor the steps when executing a profile.

Run <ProfileNum>
Execute the selected profile.

Setparam <Parameter> <Value(s)>
Set parameter to defined value.  This parameter setting is retained for the current session but, unless written to non-volatile store, is lost when leater is power cycled.

Setpoint <Temp>
Set a static control temperature.  System will try to achieve and then maintain this temperature.

Stop running an active profile.

Output the length of time the system has been running in seconds.  On my system the time has a drift of about 0.25%..which isn't too bad considering I run from the internal oscillator.