Sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet and actually get around to writing it down.  Here are a few bits and pieces from the past few years - it's not a particularly exhaustive list so drop me a note if you want access to any other stuff;
  • Is Vehicle Ownership going out of fashion as the residual value of materials becomes more and more significant?
  • I recently gave a talk to the Scottish RoSPA about Intelligent Speed Adaptation - its not big-brother, its a better cruise control! People will die because politicians have fumbled the arguments :-(
  • I sometimes write for Thinking Highways magazine.  You can search for old articles and opinion pieces through this link.

  • I spoke at Bits & Chips 2013 about Vehicle to Power Grid Communication - we were involved in the PowerUp project to develop and deploy standardised approaches for it.
  • A discussion about future Power Systems we recently had at Stirling.
  • A document about the upgrade we developed to support Free Flow Tolling for the Dutch Westerscheldetunnel.